My Life As Laresz

My name is Lara Campbell, I am 19 years old and live in Huizen, The Netherlands.

This is my life.

All about me;

Nickname; Laar, Laresz & Campbell
Date of Birth; 29 January, 1995
Ethnicity; Dutch, British, Indonesian & Spanish
Height; 5 ft 3
Hobby's; Singing, writing, working out & shopping
Favourite colour; Blue
Favourite Female singer; Demi Lovato
Favourite Male singer; Justin Bieber
Favourite Band; Coldplay
Favourite TV Show; Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, Super Fun Night, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead & Once Upon A Time
Favourite food; Italian & Indonesian Food, Ice Cream & Cheesecakes
Favourite Song; Brian McKnight - The Rest Of My Life
Favourite Movie; The Dark Night Trilogy, Bridesmaids, Tomb Raider Trilogy & Inception


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You Go girl!

I think I just died

You can’t change what suddenly happens to you, but you can choose how to react to it.

Watching the Avengers for the 10000000000 time with my boo

I miss you.

Movie Review - The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

Wow. Honestly, I feel so inspired, so¬†happy and lucky to have had the honour to be alive to see this beautiful work of art. Gotta be honest, it did not make me cry,¬†like it¬†apparently did others, but it was close. Watching¬†this film was a kind of a deja vu for me..¬†Unfortunately I have also known a lot of people around me, who¬†suffered from, died of and were faced by this horrible decease. I have lost a lot of inspiring and beautiful souls to this¬†illness, and I can easily relate to the emotions, thoughts, and also the great that¬†comes with it. I also know what it feels like, to love someone so deeply, and to match your world with someone so well. I guess I am poetic in that way. All the¬†quotes, the actions and all the amazing moments of happiness I felt deeply. And that’s when I know I really love a piece of art. When it makes me feel something, when it makes me see something that I can relate to. When it makes my heart melt, my eyes tear, and my¬†stomach pulled together. That’s what this did for me.

The story is about Hazel who has cancer and joins a support group with people that also have suffered and are suffering from cancer. That’s where she meets Augustus, the love of her life. The story takes you on this beautiful journey of two young people falling in love and living unconditionally. Despite the time they both may or may not have left to live. Forever is their now, and they choose to live it together.

I absolutely love it, so I give it an 8, but I hoped I could have seen more of them connecting in a way of really getting to know each other, it was obvious they had a connection and felt deep compassion for one another, but I wish I could have seen more about them, maybe they could have brought them to more places, and let them face more¬†obstacles¬†together,¬†rather¬†than going for the obvious. That is why I think, it didn’t make it to my favourite list, but other than that, it was so amazing and so touching.

Here are some of my favourite and relatable quotes,



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I fell in love with the way he fell asleep, slowly.. And then all at once.

The Fault In Our Stars

There are days that I feel so relaxed, balanced and happy. And then there are days that I feel out of control and completely distructed. The only problem is, I am going to have to deal with it, for my whole life.

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